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Pool construction Gramaglia
Company name: Blue Pool by Gramaglia
Pool construction
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Via Ancona
60027 San Biagio AN
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«Gramaglia has always invested time and resources in research to find the most cutting-edge solutions to environmental protection, recovery needs, energy saving and to optimize polluting processes, recycling and storage of used or waste materials»

Blue Pool by Gramaglia was founded in 1980 in the town of San Biagio, near Osimo, on a 2,000 sqm covered surface equipped with technical offices, works, and spare parts warehouse. For over 30 years the company has been building public and private pools thanks to the long experience in the sector and a skilled technical staff that can offer tailor-made technical solutions for pools, primary water treatment and sewage disposal through biological physical-chemical processes. The company has always been working hard on research in its laboratories in order to solve ecological problems, e.g. recycling or energy conservation. The quality of work of Blue Pool by Gramaglia is supported by the ISO9001 certification, moreover, the company is qualified by the law and it also has the SOA certification necessary for public works.

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