Design and construction of waterparks and water slides
Design and construction of waterparks and water slides
Company name: Acquapark
Design and construction of waterparks and water slides
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Via Gavardina di Sopra, 30 Z.I.
25011 Calcinato BS
+39 030 9969112
+39 030 9964366

«Acquapark has developed corporate values that are nowadays indispensable and essential, specifically safety, integrity, honesty, reliability, professionalism, customer satisfaction, respect for the planet and the environment, recycling, development and constant improvement»

Acquapark s.r.l. was founded in 1988 by professionals in the building, swimming pools, entertainment and water treatment industry. Among the first companies in Italy to work in the design, manufacture, and construction of water parks and water sports, Acquapark s.r.l. was the first to create a 100% Made in Italy water park. Since then, the Company has continued to produce world-renowned facilities, affirming itself at a national and international level in the tourist and entertainment sectors, and also for cruise ships. Acquapark’s attractions meet the different market demands and are all combined with excellent performances, quality, reliability, robustness and long life. All this and much more, mixed with great consideration to safety regulations.

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Company news

  • acquapark water attraction
    Nov 27, 2014
    Category: Industry market trends
    Acquapark was born in the early 80s to design and build innovative water attractions and now it is one of the main trade companies always looking for...
  • Acquapark water parks
    Oct 29, 2018
    Category: Industry market trends
    Acquapark is a leading company in the world in design and production of water parks. Founded in the early 80s, thanks to top quality production and...
  • Acquapark
    Jun 13, 2019
    Category: Industry market trends
    Acquapark designs and produces different types of water slides, open or closed, to be used with or without inflatable rafts, suitable for the...


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